Friday, 13 September 2013

Aubeau Blush On Perfect Shade Rose

Hi guys .....
such a long time huh ? :D
i just feel little bit lazy on this week , well, my husband get sick few days ago, ohh my....
but he is getting better now ,
now i want to share about blush on from Aubeau , this product is from Indonesia
but they just have 2 shade rose and coral.

Talk about the packaging, i think it's cute , travel friendly, even if you want to bring it on your pocket :D

 this the swatch on my hand :

can you see ? this blush on is so pigmented , shimmering, so i'm not recomended this product for you who dislike blush on with shimmer. and this blush is powdery, so be careful when you use it with brush :D

this is my pict without and with this product :


with aubeau blush on
 because it's so pigmented , so don't use it too much :D
i love this product , i love the color but i don't really like the shimmer :(
i just use it at night , at day ? noo... my face is oily , i don't like use something shimmer at day, or my face will look like ........ lol :D

so, what i like about this product ?
- packaging
- pigmented
- cheap ( IDR 35.000 )

what i dislike ?
 - the shimmer ... it's to much ,

Hope you enjoy my post girls ...
thanks for reading , see you next time ,  byeee :*


  1. Murah ya :) hihihi..
    Shimmer ya? Shimmernya Difoto tidak terlalu nampak ya mba?

    1. murce,,, hihihihi
      iya gak gitu keliatan soalnya aku pakenya tipis aja :D

  2. Iya ya klo difoto shimmernya kurang kelihatan.
    Ahh tapi klo powdery gitu suka bikin batuk dan kelilipan deh.

    1. iya, kurang keliatan kalau di foto,
      bener bgt, tekstur yg powdery itu bikin sebel